Tuesday, 10 February 2009

One Short Moment

Today I learnt something. Maybe to most people it would seem insignificant, but to me it changed the way I viewed the world. In someone's life, there are the people who like them and the people who don't. Or at least that's what most people believe.
 But today I realised that there are no lists, no separations on who likes who. Recently, the people that I always thought despised me, are the people who are making an effort to talk to me, and the people I'd always held close are the ones that are drifting away.
Change has always been something I struggle with. I always seem to get comfy just as someone comes along and pulls the chair from beneath me. To everyone, I am the one with no problems. The one who stays calm despite the situation and the one who can never fall apart. Let's just say a turtle can't survive without it's shell.
I know my life can never stay the same, I know I can't pause my life in that summer years ago when I was a care free child, sitting by the lake, staring at the moon. 
But for once, even for just a short while, 

I'd like time to stand still. 

Just for one short moment.

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