Monday, 15 February 2010

Just gave blood for the first time! Was a bit nervous when I went in but everyone was so nice! Got settled on my bed fine and turns out I have awesome veins. Always good to know. Can't say everything went to plan. Had a little run in with shock. It happened right at the end of the donation. Was nearly done and I started feeling really hot, like the bed was on fire. And was suddenly really nauseous. Told the nurse and within seconds I had a screen and 3 nurses surrounding me. The needle came out and I was on my side before I knew it. I decided I had to write a note to say how amazing the nurses were today. One held a cool towel to my head until my temperature got back to normal, another kept talking to me and another held my feet up to get the blood back to my head. It was all over as quickly as it started. Apparently I wasn't the only one in trouble. The screen went up before I could see but the nurses say the boy next to me was there for the first time and he fainted, fitted and blood shot out of his arm. I'm glad that screen was up, not sure that would of helped with my stomach. But seriously, the nurses were so amazing today, even after the whole palaver they stood by my bed and made sure I was ok before even letting me sit up. Today could of been a really bad experience for me and could of put me off donating again. But instead, it's had the opposite effect. I had a really great day today,  I never stopped smiling, and I'm booked in for my next donation in 3 months time.
So thank you to Jo, Julia and Karen for looking after me, you'll never know how much of a difference you made.

Monday, 1 February 2010

You know that feeling you get on christmas eve, or the night before your birthday. It keeps you up till all hours and manages to wake you from your sleepy state early in the morning. Well truth be told I had that feeling this morning. I woke up at 5am,7am and 8am. My alarm was set for 8.45 but for some reason I didn't mind waking up at 8. I was wide awake, despite going to bed late, and I was excited for the day. Yet I had nothing to look forward to. So I spent the day in a state of anticipation that never went away. It was awesome, but I still have no reason for why it happened. I guess some mysteries are better left unsolved. Was a nice change though :)