Monday, 5 July 2010

Dum de dum dum dum......
Soooooooo. I don't really know why I'm on here. Checking if peeps had written anything and decided my blog was a little on the old news side. So, new news hehe.
Lets see, in the last week of first year college now, summer holidays coming up, weather's sunny, just bought 2 snorg tshirts, haha hell yer I did! It's annoying that I want about half the snorg catalogue, and yet can only afford roughly 1% of it annually. Finally decided I need some clothes for summer so this is really the tip of one very pricy iceberg.
Had a good meeting today at college about this EP thing I'm doing, aka Extended Project. To sum up: 1 summer holiday= intensive research+2 subjects+5000 word essay+project log. Could my holiday sound any more fun! Planning on combining Biology and Chemistry to do a project on Great White Shark's sensory organs and their reliance of. Should be interesting.
Can't believe how fast 1 year has gone. Already half way through college. Started to plan and write my personal statement yesterday. Finally realising just how little I have to write in it. They really don't put enough emphasis on work experience in secondary school. 2 weeks, 2 weeks is all they ask us to do. That shows neither commitment or desire to work. They should of told us all to get summer jobs.
Oooo I must mention I passed my driving test the other week. 4 minors. Pretty happy chappy, can't lie. My licence came through the post at the weekend. Have to say, I wish the colours were the other way round. Pink for learner, green for pass, not the other way round. The pink has completely thrown off the feng shui of my wallet! Much prefer the green, just not the learner plates that go with it.
Well I'm outer things to say so to quote looney tunes. "Thats all folks"