Tuesday, 30 December 2008

World In My Dreams

Candle light flickers through the windows
The night air holding a sense of mystery
As to what lies within the darkness
The women of society dressed in frilled frocks
Pacing their grounds, care free and untroubled
The men, faces set with pride
Dressed in tailcoats of royal blue and red
They hold a sense of authority about themselves
There are no cars or electric trains
Or humming motorbikes
The air is clear, pure
Wagons clatter down the cobbled streets
The birds song tickling your ear drums
Out at sea the merchant vessels on constant watch
Pirates in galleons and frigates roam
Their swords and pistols well worn from battles gone by
The ships, tired and beaten
Sail on under command of treacherous captains.
The stories of treasure
And thrilling sword fights
Sparking imagination in a child's mind
The harsh reality, an unseen flaw

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