Tuesday, 30 December 2008

World In My Dreams

Candle light flickers through the windows
The night air holding a sense of mystery
As to what lies within the darkness
The women of society dressed in frilled frocks
Pacing their grounds, care free and untroubled
The men, faces set with pride
Dressed in tailcoats of royal blue and red
They hold a sense of authority about themselves
There are no cars or electric trains
Or humming motorbikes
The air is clear, pure
Wagons clatter down the cobbled streets
The birds song tickling your ear drums
Out at sea the merchant vessels on constant watch
Pirates in galleons and frigates roam
Their swords and pistols well worn from battles gone by
The ships, tired and beaten
Sail on under command of treacherous captains.
The stories of treasure
And thrilling sword fights
Sparking imagination in a child's mind
The harsh reality, an unseen flaw

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Ex

You call me your baby
You say that it's true
You say that you love me
Well I like you to
I won't say I love you
It's too stronger word
I promised I liked you
I don't think you heard
You're acting so distant
I hope you still care
'Cause parting with you
Is too hard to bear
Others say friendship
Can't turn into love
But how can this be
When you're all I think of
We broke up for reasons
Too hard to explain
I thought we felt mutual
So what is this pain
I see you with others
I try to forget
But no moment with you
Shall I ever regret.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Emotional Music

Do you ever get that feeling when you listen to a certain song? A sort of tingly feeling. It brings you up from the deepest depths of sadness into a bubbling mass of joy. You can't help it. For me it's "What If I" by Kate Winslet. For me it relates to a part of my life that happened a while back. I lost someone close and I always thought what would of happened if I'd done things differently. It upsets me to think about it but at the same time I don't want to forget it, because it' s part of who I am. It still brings back good memories to me though, happiness and a sense of belonging. Music can do the strangest things to someone. It can drive them insane or it  can remind them of the best memory they know. It acts as a link between us and our emotions. Like a bridge almost, just allowing us to open up and find what we're really feeling.