Thursday, 26 March 2009

Looking Across The Canyon

Looking Across The Canyon

by Suz Richards

She stood, staring blankly at the crowds of people as they hustled past. Leaning against the lockers, she tried to act casual. People passed, their faces holding blank expressions. Friendly voices were heard above the hum of conversations, but not a single word was sent her way. She didn't want this. Why did bad things always happen to her?

Her mind lapsed back to a time long forgotten, or at least she wished it was. The day was clear in her head, like a photograph. The keys were clenched in her fist. Her head was spinning. The flames filled the night air with black smoke, it burned her eyes as she scrambled over the wall into the woods. A root caught her foot and she cried out as she fell harshly onto the ground. A broken bottle bottle lay on the floor next to her, a piece of glass deeply imbedded in her arm. She struggled on away from the blaze, unable to look back. She knew the river, she knew the canyon. She headed along the familiar path. In the air, the sound of sirens wailed, causing her heart to thump somewhere in her throat.

She reached the clearing. The moonlight shining down onto her face. her breath raced out of her mouth, forming clouds of vapour in the night air. The depths of the canyon fell into the black below her. The faint smell of a campfire lingering in the leaves. She stood staring blankly into the abyss. She'd never thought about how it would end for her. Looking into it's dark depths her mind filled with images of heaven and hell. Where would she end up?

She shifted her feet as a rock gave out beneath her. She slipped, her body tipping over the edge. She yelped, her heart skipping a beat. She flipped through the air, free falling as the walls of rock rushed past her eyes, the gloom swallowed her. An echoing thud signaled her final breath.

Her body shuddered as an arm passed through her. The cold chill of the lockers no longer bothering her numb skin. Blank faces passed her as the corridor rush slowly thinned out. The eeriness of the empty hall echoing in her ears. She didn't want this. Why did bad things always happen to her?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Butterflies And Dodgy Notes

   Singing in front of an audience has to be one of the most nerve wracking experiences life can throw at you. I can't understand why people would do it for a living.
   The first nerves hit you even before you begin. There's a sickly pain in the pit of your stomach, reminding you you shouldn't be doing this, even as you wake in the morning. Then it grows slowly as the hours pass. Until it reaches that time.
   As the first note chimes in your ears a dread appears in your mind asking you "Why are you doing this again?". Your head is searching for those all important first words. It locates them moments before they're needed. And then you let that breath that you've been holding in for so long, out, in a shaky melody that struggles to join with the tune.
   Your head clears of everything around you, and your mind becomes completely focussed on that one task. The odd dodgy notes knocks you, and you're forced to open your eyes to see if anyone has noticed. Before your mind suddenly remembers it's place.
   That last note falls out of your throat and into the room and you slowly become conscious of your surroundings. The final few strums of the guitar hold a complete silence from the audience before the sound of clapping reaches your ears. Deep down you know you're happy, they like it. But you're still annoyed at those few dodgy notes that got away.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Shrine Post: Gerard Butler

Well I've been asked by Roy to do a shrine post about someone, and so here it is:

Gerard Butler is in my eyes absolutely gorgeous. There is no flaw to this guy, he is perfection. He has the looks of an angel, the body of a beast and the makings of the best actor of all time. He's been in everything from 'Phantom Of The Opera' to 'P.S. I Love You'. This guy also has an amazing voice. It makes you melt inside. His Irish accent was heart capturing when he played Gerry in 'P.S. I Love You'. My favourite role of his was Terry Sheridan in 'Lara Croft:Cradle Of Life'. I do admire his acting skills but this is also one of the movies where his body definitely gets a look in(who can blame a girl). All in all he is the king of godliness.

In My Head Forever And Always
Love You Gerry

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Deep Blue Page Full Of White Dots

Have you ever layed on the grass and just stared at the sky. It has this indescribable calming effect. You're looking at this deep blue page full of white dots and it looks like it could just wrap the world up within itself. But to think that each one of those dots is bigger than anything we've ever witnessed, bigger than the entire world we live on. It becomes non-comprehendible. Like how small the atom is. 

In this world there are so many things we can't understand, not because we don't try to, but because our minds aren't made for thinking on such a grand scale. We have evolved as part of this world, we are just one species. We aren't the sole rulers because a ruler can control their world, and we are far from controlling it. Every time a hurricane sweeps through America's south coasts or an earthquake leaves thousands of miles of devastation. It shows us just how far out of control this world is. But that's the beauty of it, that no matter how unruly or disastrous the planet may seem, it's still here. Because even things that seem far from organised, can have the most logical reasoning.

I heard today that orangutans spend a longer time with their young than any other animal apart from humans. The baby stays with it's mother until it's around 7-8 years old before going out into the world alone. Humans on the other hand live with their parents till they're around 18. That's 10 years difference. We wonder why we are the most transformed species on earth, well here's your answer. We play too safe. People are so worried of getting hurt or ending up with no money, that they cling onto the comfort of their home for as long as possible. If we were to leave our parents at the tender age of 8 then I'm sure there'd probably be just as many humans as orangutans. We wouldn't have this population crisis, we'd be fitting in with the rest of the world like we were supposed to.

I always wonder what life would be like if some things hadn't been discovered, if there was no electricity or technology. Life was simpler before these things came along. People found happiness in conversation and the natural beauty of the world. I read a lot, and one book that has taken my fancy is 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen. Not because of the handsome Darcy (Well maybe a bit), and not because of the cultured family life. What captured my imagination was the world in which they live. It's so different from the one we know today. To get to somewhere you simply walked across a few fields, these days the fields are surrounded by electric fence and the only way to get somewhere is by car.

I feel as though I was born a few centuries too late. My heart longs for the days of balls and etiquette. It seems so far from the life I'm in now. But I know time cannot rewind, so I do my best with the situation. Though many think me odd I choose to live my life differently to others. Closer to the ways of the past. Because I see it as the only way I can ever try to relive how they would have seen the world. Simple and elegant, where the world is still yet to be discovered.

Monday, 2 March 2009

That Girl Again

Well I've mentioned her before, but there's this girl named Miss Gemma May Twine, and she has to be one of the nicest people I have, and will, ever meet. Not only is she too damn pretty but she also has the most awesome personality. She's never without a smile on her face and I'll miss her a ton when we part ways.

I've known Gems for nearly 5 years now and though we've always been opposite sides of the pond(metaphorically) we've become good mates. No matter what the subject, whether it be boys, sports or just life in general she always seems to make me laugh. The number of jokes we've gone through over the years, be it love letters in english to a certain mister or the infamous eyebrow piercing discussion, there's always been something to smile at.

In her own blog she mentioned a lot about sports so I'll very quickly glance over it. She is one of the best, no wait, the best goal keeper I have ever known. She started as a tag along to my goal keeper training sessions and now she's the best keeper in Hampshire. Her saves are immense and her kicks... well.... we're working on it (sorry gems). To be honest she's amazing in all sports. Whether it be basketball, netball, badminton, rounders or frisbee. She has the muscles of a viking and the tactics of a general.

Though we've had our good times and our bad times, you've always been there Gems and I will luv ya as long as you live.

Never Forgotten And Always A Friend