Thursday, 22 October 2009

Childish Excitement

I laugh at how childish people become when it gets within the vicinity of their birthday. Mine happens to be in 11 days, and as with everyone else, I am childishly excited. And as my friends will tell you, I will not stop talking about it. For me the idea of getting a present is the best thing ever. Because it proves just how much people know you, and just how much they care.
When I was a little girl, I would stay up late, very late, and wait for my parents to quietly tip toe upstairs and lay my presents at the foot of my bed. I'm sure they knew I was awake, but never let on. I'd wait for another 10 minutes, wriggling in anticipation at ripping through the paper and gazing at what they'd got me. And then I'd shrug off my duvet at race to the end of the bed and grap at the closest paper wrapped item.
These days I guess you could say the novelty has worn off. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. For one, I get a good nights sleep on my birthday eve. But also, one of the best feelings I've only recently discovered in the last few years, is waking up on your birthday, slowing coming back into consciousness, and suddenly having a light bulb go off in your head saying "Oh my god, it's my birthday!". I cherish opening my presents now. First opening the card to build up the suspense, and then slowly peeling back each folded piece of the wrapping, until the present lies flat on the bed on paper in my lap.
If I'm honest, I'm very impatient, and for me 11 days is too long, but I know I have to wait. But just so you know. I will be (very sadly) counting down the days one by one.
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