Friday, 27 February 2009

Nothing Is Insignificant

Why are people so prejudice to short people? Even if they say they aren't, the way they act says otherwise.

I'm not tall, or even average, I'm about 5 foot, and I'm happy to be. To be honest I could live my life quite happily without caring that I'm smaller than everyone else, if it wasn't for other people always commenting and taking the mick. Trust me, it gets old fast. You don't choose your height, it's born with you, it's in your genes, just like race, or sex.

The hard thing is that people don't realise just how different it is being short. You're forever being left out of conversations, as people tend to talk to the eyes that they can see. People who know me will now understand why I don't stop talking or giving them a nudge every now and then, it's just my way of staying in the conversation.

In a crowd most people will be able to see through the heads of others, and see either another person, or just the focus of the crowd. But for me, a crowd is like a box. It's cramped, the walls are way above my head, and I can't find an exit. No matter how hard I try my head is never going to reach the free air above me. The worst thing is people thinking they're being kind by offering to give you a piggy back. It's not kind, it's demeaning. It puts all the focus on you, even from complete strangers, and it makes you feel different, separated, as if you don't belong.

Many people will try to see the up sides to being short. Well for one, it's a lot less of a ways to fall, and you never have to pay attention to mind your head signs. In fact I see them as a challenge. You see a different perspective on life. Everything around you seems just that little bit bigger, and every mountain is that little bit taller. But it also allows you to see the things that others don't. While everyone's looking at the sky, I'm looking at the ground, the smaller things in life. I appreciate everything because to me nothing is insignificant. My life has taught me that nothing is too small, and that everything matters.

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