Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Feng Shui? Maybe not...

So over the last couple weeks I've been having a massive clear out of the bedroom since I'm in the mood for a rearrange. That time of year again. weirdly enough it's 11 days till my birthday again. funny how I always post something on this day. So yes, in the mood for a change. Since my room is a cupboard, rearranging it can be quite difficult. Imagine tetris on a life size scale. My new design for the room will give me so much more floor space but it does mean I lose my corner shelves and wall shelves so therefore storage is decreasing. Hence the massive clear out. I always find that in the process of tidying a room you always end up with more mess than you began with. Maybe it's just me... Never realised how much stuff I had, and don't use. So boxes upon boxes are off to the charity shop. Might get some books while I'm there. Always find some good reads when I go :) At 70p a book who can say no.
College work seems to be building up on me. Managing to sort it out as it comes but what made me think the other day is that I couldn't of coped with this amount of work last year. There's no chance. But this year I'm doing so much more than I ever thought possible. I've got a little bit of pride for myself beaming inside me at the moment that's there because for once in my life I'm not copping out. I'm sticking at it because I finally have goals in life. I finally have an aim to work towards. I want to go to uni, I want to have a good job working with animals. To me that just seems perfect and I'm happy that it's somehow all sorted itself out in my head. Doing my ucas form has got me getting all nervous that maybe the universities won't think I'm good enough, that I haven't done enough in my life to warrant the opportunity. But when I think about studying zoology for 3 years straight, I can't help but smile, because although work has always scared me, I've realised it's because I was never happy in what I was studying. Except when I was in biology. I can't wait to start university. (even if the government decided to put a stop to my gap year!). Here's hoping my application gets accepted.
Anyhow, that's my rant done for tonight. Only 1 lesson tomorrow and then I'm finally getting a hair cut. Starting to look like Rapunzel at the moment!
Night x