Monday, 2 March 2009

That Girl Again

Well I've mentioned her before, but there's this girl named Miss Gemma May Twine, and she has to be one of the nicest people I have, and will, ever meet. Not only is she too damn pretty but she also has the most awesome personality. She's never without a smile on her face and I'll miss her a ton when we part ways.

I've known Gems for nearly 5 years now and though we've always been opposite sides of the pond(metaphorically) we've become good mates. No matter what the subject, whether it be boys, sports or just life in general she always seems to make me laugh. The number of jokes we've gone through over the years, be it love letters in english to a certain mister or the infamous eyebrow piercing discussion, there's always been something to smile at.

In her own blog she mentioned a lot about sports so I'll very quickly glance over it. She is one of the best, no wait, the best goal keeper I have ever known. She started as a tag along to my goal keeper training sessions and now she's the best keeper in Hampshire. Her saves are immense and her kicks... well.... we're working on it (sorry gems). To be honest she's amazing in all sports. Whether it be basketball, netball, badminton, rounders or frisbee. She has the muscles of a viking and the tactics of a general.

Though we've had our good times and our bad times, you've always been there Gems and I will luv ya as long as you live.

Never Forgotten And Always A Friend

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  1. Suzz that is lovellyy!! Please explain the love letters in english, im really not sure on that one! :S
    But yeah that's me best goal keeper in hampshire!! (and muscles of a Viking!)

    Please change pic that was when i was ginger and fat!
    (no offense dougie!! The fat bit not the ginger bit,, JOKESSSSSSSSSSSS love you really favorite english teacher!!! Trust. ;)

    Aww im gonna miss you soo muchh, ah well hopefully we will both play for hartly eagles next year! :)

    Love You