Sunday, 30 August 2009

Take A Step Back

Sometimes all you want to be able to do is skip forward a few months. Escape everything being thrown at you and just see blank. Often the things you're running from are new and unexpected, but sometimes they're the things you've held dear for so long. I find I no longer get the appreciation from those I did. And the people who I used to see so often, have found replacements for me the minute I'm out of reach.
The relationships that form behind your back can often be the hardest to except. Maybe because you never see them coming, or maybe because you never got a chance to step in. But the worst thing is knowing that any negative input, no matter how small, could result in you being on the other side of the wall.
As you get older it gets easier to a accept, but no one's immune to jealousy. Seeing you no longer belong in someone's picture can be hard to get over but you have to remember that you aren't the only person in their life, and they aren't the only one in yours.
Having someone mean the world to you is fine. But you can't let it rule your life. Taking a step back allows you to see other people in a different way. They may be closer to you than you thought. Mainly because you were so consumed with that one person that your mind failed to register the existence of anyone else.
Over the last couple of years the people around me have changed significantly. I've gained new friendships and some people who I thought I'd never forget, have just faded away. Meeting new people isn't a bad thing, but never forget the people that mean the most to you. Because at the end of it all. They're the ones that will be there to catch you when no one else will.
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  1. sounds like someones had some think time.
    Same as.
    I've just got annoyed being around everyone at the mo, as you've said. I've take a step back.
    Anyway no ones leaving you, i mean which other girl can i beat up and not get in trouble for it haha.
    Btw you love men

  2. why yes I do :) And you get away with it because if I fight back I end up being pinned with my face in the floor :P