Friday, 22 May 2009

They Are The Seekers

They Are The Seekers

They are the seekers of fire
The hints of a spark
Like caffeine on the brain
Lighting their senses

They hunt it like wolves
Haunting alleys of shadow
Grouping as one
They are the seekers

No amount of flame
Will extinguish their thirst
They are at the mercy
Of their own desire

Throughout the night prowling
Never tiring or pausing
Stalking prey effortlessly
Relentless in the dark

Dawn break sees them vanish
Back into their caves
To regroup and rest
Ready for another hunt

1 comment:

  1. Do you know what's depressing? As soon as I read this I automatically started analysing language, content, structure etc. without even realising it. English Lit has stolen my mind!! (I'm liking the poem by the way, beats most of the stuff we've done in class lol)