Tuesday, 26 May 2009

No Sleep For The Restless

I can't sleep. It's 10 past 11 and I can't sleep. Something's keeping me up. It's like an emptiness in my head. I'm so bored. Every night, I lie in bed and I tell myself a story. As childish or immature as it sounds, it's always worked for me. Even after I read a book I still have to tell myself a story. Not so much tell, more like imagine. Some nights I follow on a story I've already started, and others it can be completely new. I've always struggled to find the perfect book. Something that I really enjoy reading over and over. For the record, I've never read a book more than once. I figure, once you know the story, you end up second guessing it the second time round. You could tell yourself it faster than reading it. So I imagine the stories that I'd want to read. You might be reading this thinking "Huh?". The next time you go to sleep. Try it. Think of your perfect story. The great thing is you can have who ever you want in it, and the plot can be whatever you want. If you don't like something you think of, you can just replay it in your head until it's right. Most nights I can do this no problem. But tonight. My heads empty. Like someone mentally mugged me.I can't will myself to think. I'm not tired. I don't want to sleep. Because I know if go to bed then I'll just lie there, thinking of nothing. Ok I need some inspiration, Google here I come. Night x

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