Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Too Many Questions?

What happens when the last human dies? I know it sounds very depressing but I lay awake last night for like an hour thinking about it. It feels odd to think of all the planets orbiting the sun and nothing being there to witness it. Does something exist if no one's there to know it exists. The world will go on turning, the rain will keep falling and the grass will keep growing. But there'll be no one there to witness it. If we have an ice age, will people survive it? I may invest in a lot of wooly jumpers just in case. Is there life in another universe? I mean we are the only known life in this little piece of space, our own little universe, in our own little galaxy. But what about all the other galaxies. Are there worlds out there just like ours? Another earth. With countries, weather, people. Living under a different sun. With different schools and jobs and architecture. An earth with a different history? Who knows what happened in their past. Did they have kings? Or wars? How do they speak? And is there third world countries? I may ask too many questions. But it fascinates me just how little we know about what's out there. It's nice to know that all those dots in the sky, aren't just dots. They're a sign of hope, a hope that maybe, just maybe, life exists somewhere out there.


  1. there was actually a guy who took the probability of planets forming, whether it could sustain life, whether life would actually exist on that planet and whether it would survive long enough to evolve. bottom line, he figured out that there are at least 300 sentient species out there that can communicate, all it takes is reaching them.