Thursday, 18 June 2009

Everyone Meet Marble

Well havn't spoken in a while. Getting my fair share of lay ins and late nights. More than my fair share if I'm honest.
I've been up to a lot of thinking as well. About people, mainly the ones around me. There's been a lot of private drama going round and I seem to be stuck in all of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm only nosy when I have to be. But a lot of stuff has just happened at once and people seem to like talking to me about it. Which is good. Cause it keeps me up to date and it helps me know my friends better. But I'm only human like the rest of us, there's only so much I can take in. So in my view everyone should have their own way of dealing with life and everything it throws at you. Let me introduce you to my marble:

Now this spherical piece of glass has got me through some tough times. It helps me think and calms me down. People who knew me 5 years ago will know what I'm talking about when I say I can be one hell of a pain in the ass. I don't know when to stop but I never mean to hurt people. So this marble takes it out of me. Everything that bugs me or worries me goes into this thing. And I feel ok again. Some days I feel like beating on something, others I get so fidgety, nothing will make me stay still. When this happens, I sit and I hold my marble. Throw it around, do a few tricks. Just something about it that gets me and my thoughts back on track.
I just hope everyone has something like my marble to help them think straight. Sure can be a lot of help.


  1. Yes i would now you were a oain in the ass a few years ago
    i think everyone knows
    i think i'm going to by a ounch bag or a few stress balls
    last time it was my footballs that got me through it
    long walks with a football
    but then it got lost in a bush >:(

  2. hmm wonder why that was ey? maybe cause u booted it into a 2 meter high wall of nettles lol