Monday, 16 August 2010

Finally hit the refresh button

So yes. I've finally hit the refresh button. Half way through summer holidays and I've suddenly forgotten all the reasons for being annoyed or mad at people and can now see everyone as just people. It feels so good! I'm able to talk to people without trying to hide my emotions. I'm happy to be myself and I love this part of the year. I know that in a few months everything will be nagging my conscience again but for now I'm enjoying the refresh effect and smiling throughout the day :)
It's weird how a few weeks away from people can really clear you thoughts and put things in perspective. All the gossip that went around towards the end of first year, the opinions of people towards others, they're now just drops in the ocean. They don't bother me like they used to. You get to the point at the end of the college year and you start to believe everything anyone says, feel how other people feel,  and act like everybody else acts. Summer holidays is not just for getting a tan, but also for becoming yourself again. Realising that whatever went on in the last few months generally doesn't concern you, and if it does, then it probably wasn't as bigger deal as you originally thought. It's nice to be able to re-examine your life and realise it ain't that bad after all, and that instead of dwelling on the bad, you should cherish the good.

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